Peter Limmer & Sons - personal stock boot fitting


We welcome you to visit the shop.  We have been in our location for nearly 75 years and little has changed in that time. 

 Limmer employee bring boot boxes into fitting room at Peter Limmer and Sons  The smells of leather and glue permeate the   building, the sounds of hammers and stitchers are constantly in the background, but we are always available to stop and talk about your favorite boots or to fit you into your new pair.  If you haven't visited the shop before, or if it has been a while, it is worth the trip.






Limmer employee checking foot size on Brannock device.




Fitting - We offer personal fittings of all available Limmer products and take time with each customer to do our best to make sure they leave here with the best possible fit. As bootmakers, we have some tricks up our sleeves that can take that ‘almost fits’ situation to ‘fits perfect’. When coming in for a stock boot fitting, there are a few things we need you to keep in mind. First, it’s very important that we see you with an unstressed foot, so if you are coming to our area to hike,it’s imperative that you come see us first.

Socks - Second, you should bring in the socks you intend on wearing (we recommend a medium to heavy weight wool sock) with the boots as well as any other items such as custom inner soles.

Time - Finally, we need about an hour to do a proper boot fitting, so plan your travel time accordingly. An appointment is not needed, but keep in mind this is a very busy tourist destination and extra travel time should be planned, especially in summer and fall.


We have been located in Intevale, NH since 1950.

Hours of operation:

Tuesday- Saturday: 8-5.

call with any questions (603-356-5378