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Limmer Boots - 1% For The Planet

Posted by Chris Sawyer on

Happy Earth Day - 1% for the Planet and Limmer!

Through the years, the backbone of Limmer wearers have been outdoor professionals, conservation field staff, trail builders, and recreation enthusiasts who love planet earth! We thought to share a few thoughts and how we intend to celebrate Earth Day - each day - moving forward! 

  • Connection – Establishing a close connection to nature, understanding the historical significance of public spaces, and experiencing the outdoors can transform any individual.  
  • Relationships – Building relationships, creating opportunities for all, and growing community with one another in the outdoors can transform any group of individuals.
  • Stewardship – Preserving those special places and the moments of introspection learned with one another there is a shared responsibility, and something to hold onto as sacred. 

To demonstrate our commitment to what we hold as sacred, Limmer Boot Company and Peter Limmer & Sons are now members of 1% for the Planet. We are each proud to donate 1% of our gross sales to two local conservation efforts moving forward.

Limmer Boot Company is excited to partner with the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV), a group of highly dedicated, organized, and skilled individuals who care for and steward the Canyon Lakes Ranger District in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. This lean/mean group of volunteers (no paid administrative staff), logs the 2nd most volunteer hours of any group supporting public land efforts in the nation.

Peter Limmer & Sons is excited to partner with the Randolph Mountain Club (RMC), a group of highly dedicated, organized, and skilled individuals who care for and steward the northern slopes of The Presidential Range and Crescent Range in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. This lean/mean group of volunteers (no paid administrative staff) and professional trail crews have a track record of excellence in the White Mountains National Forest.

More than anything for today, we hope that you will take time to be outside and celebrate earth today! We also hope that you will find comfort in knowing that a percentage of your investment in Limmer will support two great organizations, local to both operations so we can be a part of their unwavering commitment to preserve and steward shared experiences in those sacred outdoor spaces.

If you or any of your family, friends, or colleagues need what we consider to be the best leather hiking boots available in preparation for the 2022 hiking season, feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever. #goearth

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Limmer Holiday Support - Personalized Gift Certificates

Posted by Chris Sawyer on

As the holiday countdown continues, we wanted to share a quick note that Limmer is here to support any last minute gift giving needs with Personalized Gift Certificates, Custom Boot Deposits, Free Coffee, Free Shipping, and Free Limmer Boot Grease!

  • Personalized Gift Certificates - Have a loved one who is in need of a new pair of Limmer boots, but are not sure which size to order them? Know that we are happy to work with you to write a personalized gift certificate note and to work with the recipient of your gift to dial in their sizing. Simply order whichever pair of stock boots that you think the recipient might enjoy (in their approximate size) and write the words "Gift Certificate" in the sizing comments. We will reach out to you via telephone, write a personalized letter, and email it to you, so you can print and deliver within the next 10 days. 
  • Custom Boot Deposit - Looking to give (or receive) the best possible holiday gift? It's easy to reserve a place in line on the Limmer Custom Boot Backlog. The wait is currently over 2 years, but well worth the time. Reserve yours today!
  • Free Coffee - We’re excited to share that our friends Black Coffee Roasting loved their new Limmer Standards so much that they sent us their delicious organic instant coffee to include with all boot purchases for the rest of December. What peak, trail, or porch will you enjoy the comfort of both a pair of Limmer boots and a good cup of Black Coffee? 
  • Free Limmer Boot Grease - Limmer Boot Grease has been made with the perfect Limmer formula and by the Limmer family for over 70 years. Peter Limmer Sr. still makes the boot grease today! We're excited to include Free boot grease with all Gift Certificate and Boot Purchases for the rest of December. 
  • Free Shipping - To help with any last minute holiday shopping needs, we're excited for you to take advantage of Free Shipping on all Online Limmer Boot Purchases through the rest of December. We will do our very best to help you make sure your orders arrive December 25th. Ordering by December 18 will helps us meet your holiday needs. 

More than anything else, we simply hope that this note finds you well as we send each of you our best greetings during this special time of year!

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Limmer - Outside Business Journal Article

Posted by Chris Sawyer on

The Limmer you know, is the Limmer that is here to stay

The intent of this blog is to focus on the 2 things that are most important to Limmer, the special family of Limmer customers, their stories about their boots, and the people and places experienced in them. And also, to share stories about the incredible Limmer history and Limmer family with the special reverence that they deserve.  

As we begin to share those stories, we are humbled to begin by sharing a recent Outside Business Journal with you, not to bring attention to any individual, but to bring attention to Limmer’s rich history and our 100% commitment to keep the boots exactly the same for Limmer customers during a time of very intentional transition that we have worked very closely with Peter and Karl Limmer on over the past several years. 

If you read the article, we hope you will consider keeping up date by giving @outsidebusinessjournal a follow. OBJ is a critical resource for the @outdoorindustry and has been supporting both outdoor retailers and companies like Limmer for many years!

As you will read, Kristin Hostetter, Editor in Chief at OBJ, is the person who wrote the February 2000 Backpacker Magazine article about the Limmer Lightweight titled, “A Close-To-Perfect Boot.” We are grateful to the OBJ team and Kristin for their support, and to Eric Smith for taking the time and care to blend the Limmer story together in such a thoughtful way.

It is important to share this update, but more important for you to know that we will continue to treat every aspect of Limmer with the reverence it deserves. You, the Limmer family, can expect the exact same highest quality materials, detailed craftsmanship, and long lasting boots that customers have enjoyed and deserved for over 100 years.

We would like to thank Bryan Hayek for his detailed work and focus on helping us bring the new website to life, and to both Ryan Smith with Rooted In Light Media and Steven Reinhold with Appalachian Adventure Company for their beautiful photography work.

Moving forward, you should expect to read special stories about the special people who wear Limmer boots and the incredible history of the Limmer family. Peter Limmer Sr. started something special. For anyone who has ever laced up a pair of Limmer boots, we hope you will find comfort in knowing that the Limmer you know, is the Limmer that is here to stay.

Best Regards to All,

Adam and Chris

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New Peter Limmer & Sons and Limmer Boots Website!

Posted by Limmer Boots on

New Limmer Logos

Thanks so much for your interest in our new website!  

After several years of having separate websites to showcase our custom and stock boots, we at Peter Limmer & Sons and Limmer Boot Company are excited to share our new website with you.

Peter Limmer & Sons will continue to provide in-person services for our world famous custom boots, USA-made off-the-shelf boots, and repair services at our Intervale, New Hampshire location. On the new website, you will be able to reserve your place in line on “the backlog” (our waitlist for custom hiking boots, which is typically around two years), and learn about our off-the-shelf boots and repair services. 

Limmer Boot Company will continue to provide online and mail order purchases for customers who are interested in Limmer designed boots, without the wait. The mail order boots are crafted to Limmer specifications by Meindl, our partners in Bavaria. The Limmer and Meindl families have been friends for over 100 years, business partners for 70, and Meindl has been making our stock boots for over 50 years. 

At Limmer, we believe in the power of growing community and relationships in the outdoors, and know that the moments of introspection and self-reliance learned there can transform any individual.

We are excited for you to give Limmer boots a try, and hope that you are transformed by the people and places that you experience in them.

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