The Press

“The Lightweight is almost perfect in its simplicity . . . As for durability, I have yet to encounter a boot I have more faith in . . . They might be the last pair of backpacking boots you ever buy.”

“Legion are the hikers and backpackers who swear by the product and wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else; besides in hiking circles the boot is something of a status symbol.”

“They are the greatest . . . There is a Limmer fraternity around the world . . . Most regular users get about 15 years’ wear from their boots.”

"The most sought-after custom leather hiking boot in the world."

“There’s a perpetual waiting list for the custom boots . . . loyalists come from as far away as Tasmania for final boot fittings.”

“Something this form fitting is made to last--for decades . . . New Hampshire Fish & Game officers, when issued their badge and gun, are also handed a pair of Limmers.”

“The Limmer Lightweight is a super-tough boot that will last for years and years.”

“Their durability is the stuff of legend.”

“Beautiful . . . and quite possibly the last hiking boots you’ll ever buy. . . There’s a waiting list for the custom models, but production versions using the same materials and techniques are readily available."