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Peter Limmer & Sons Best Custom Hiking Boot All Leather Heavy Duty Repairable

Since 1919, the Limmer family has focused on providing the finest quality footwear possible.  Tyrolean walking shoes, the first U.S. patented downhill ski boot, and our legendary hiking boots are just a few of the products that have been offered over the years. 

We are however, most widely known for the precision, ruggedness, and functional design of our custom hiking boots. Renowned by customers around the world, we have historically had a 2 to 3 year waitlist, called “the backlog,” to purchase a pair of Custom Limmer’s. 

If you have a history of fit issues, foot problems, or simply want to own the best hiking boots money can buy, go ahead and reserve your place on “the backlog” today. You can do this by paying a nonrefundable $100 deposit below.  

Upon payment of your deposit, you will receive an order confirmation with instructions for how to provide us with your specific foot measurements.  We will hold these on file, and recommend that you visit us for an in person final fitting when your name comes to the top of “the backlog.”  

Please note that the deposit will be applied to the final price of the boots.