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Peter Limmer & Sons

Peter Limmer Sr. began his business in Vachendorf, Bavaria in 1919, moved to the Jamaica Plains neighborhood of Boston in 1926, and has been operated out of this historic building since 1950.

At Peter Limmer & Sons in Intervale, NH, we offer

Plan on visiting to learn more about the rich history of the Limmer family, this building, our customers, and of course our boots.


The Limmer Custom Boot

Since 1919, the Limmer family has been focused on providing the highest quality footwear. We are known for the precision, ruggedness, and functional design of our custom hiking boots. If you have a history of fit issues, foot problems, or simply want to own the best hiking boots money can buy, we are here to help.


The Backlog

Renowned by customers around the world, The Limmer Custom Boot has historically had a 2 to 3 year waitlist, called “the backlog.” Feel free to reserve your place on “the backlog” today. You can do this by paying a nonrefundable $100 deposit below. The deposit will be applied to the final price of the boots.

The Wait

The current backlog is approximately 3 years and can experience fluctuations. If you need a reliable pair of boots for any/all adventures now, please consider any of our Ready to Order Limmer Boots Online or visit Peter Limmer & Sons, where we offer In Person Fittings for all Limmer Boots.

Peter Limmer & Son Notification Letter

The Notification

When your name rises to the top of the backlog, we will send a notification letter to you in the mail. At that point, we ask that you visit the shop for your final fitting or contact us within 30 days. During your visit, we will take your final foot measurements & tracings, discuss special needs/options, and take final payment. If you are not able to make it to the shop within 30 days, please contact us. At that time, you will be able to pay an additional deposit, which will hold your position at the top of the backlog for one year.


The Pilgrimage

To guarantee the fit of your boots, you will need to visit us in person at Peter Limmer & Sons in Intervale, NH so we can take your final measurements. We are approximately 1 ½ hours from Portland, ME or 3 hours from Boston, MA. Since 1950, the White Mountains, rivers, hiking trails, and local towns have been part of the Limmer history. We believe the places, people, and of course the shop here to be special places and we are excited to share them with you. If you are unable to visit we can build boots based on customer measurements and will work with you on the fit, but cannot guarantee the fit.


The Measurements & Tracings

During your visit to the shop we will take detailed measurements and tracings of your feet and take notes on specific issues you have. While you are here we will discuss options and show you the shop and boot build process.

Once we have these final measurement your boots will go into the build queue. Typically your boot will be completed in approximately three months from this point.