OUR Relationships


For over 100 years, Limmer customers have built long lasting relationships, and established trust in their boots. Peter Limmer Sr. used to say, “swear at them for the first 6 months, swear by them for the rest of your life.” Breaking in a good boot, or good friendship takes time. We are humbled by your investment of time, and resources in our boots. Know that we are committed to supporting your every footstep in them moving forward. Below are a few letters and photos from our friends over the years.

1936 British-American Himalayan Expedition - Arthur B. Emmons III - Limmer Custom Boots Peter Limmer & Sons Nepal Hiking in Nepal1964 Climbing In Europe Limmer Custom Hiking Boots
1963 Seneca Rocks WV Limmer Custom Hiking Boots - Resized1974 Zermatt Limmer Boot Fraternity Around the World Limmer Hiking Boots Climbing11151974_WWII_Shoemaker_Note_-_What_Mighty_Bootmakers_You_Must_Be_Limmer_Boots_Wall_Street_Journal_Reply_1024x1024.jpg?v=1629690592" alt="11151974 WWII Shoemaker Note - What Mighty Bootmakers You Must Be Limmer Boots Wall Street Journal Reply01121975 Stuff That Works Limmer Hiking Boots Limmer Custom Hiking Boots Stuff that holds up Exemplary customer serviceCampground Host Needs Boots - Begging for Limmer Boots Campground Host How do I Sign Up Best Hiking BootsLester Holmes Executive Director Appalachian Trail Conference Wearer of Limmer Hiking Boots Perfect Fitting Hiking Boots