2 Pairs of Limmer Lightweight Boots At Yosemite National Park Glacier Point Half Dome In Background Sunset
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Our Sustainable. Signature Design

As iconic as it is sustainable, the Limmer signature design, made from a one-piece leather upper with one seam on the instep, is in a league of its own. For decades, it’s been synonymous with Limmer’s deep commitment to crafting boots that are built to last. Constructed with the highest quality materials, and sustainably sourced leathers, Limmmer sets the standard for lasting performance and classic style.

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Built to Last. Built to be Rebuilt.

Are you tired of buying new boots every couple years? Our boots are built to last, and they’re built to be rebuilt. If you are an outdoor professional, thru hiker, or adventurer of any sort, you can depend on our boots. When it’s time for a resole — or if you accidentally bury an axe in them — turn to us. Limmer is committed to reducing our environmental footprint by maximizing the lifespan of your boots, and resources.

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A Story Over 100 Years in the Making.

Since 1919, Limmer has crafted the world’s finest boots. A master shoemaker certificate, the first U.S. ski boot patent — our skillsets are rooted in a century’s worth of knowledge passed down from master shoemakers who developed an ergonomic design unlike any other. We’ve built our reputation the same way we build our boots—to last—by doing things the right way and never taking shortcuts.

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We Build More Than Boots. We Build Relationships.

For decades, our customers have shared the stories behind their Limmer boots. We’ve had customers married and buried in them, spend entire careers working in them, pass them down from one generation to the next, and wear them with pride on adventures throughout the globe. We’re humbled and honored for Limmer boots to accompany our customers on life’s greatest journeys.

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Photo of Customer Photos that were sent to Peter Limmer & Sons Limmer was like the first Instagram with customers sending photos in from all over the world