The Oxford

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Have you been dreaming about finding the perfect shoe while wearing work/walking shoes with little or no support? If so, find something else to dream about. Constructed of quality Nubuck leather upper and full leather lining, the Oxford maintains the attention to detail for which Limmer is known. Designed with the classical asymmetrical shape of the traditional European walking shoe, this is the ideal work and/or casual shoe for everyday use. Wear them to the office, walk 30 miles on concrete or in the woods, no matter where or how you wear them, you will not be disappointed. Sizing recommendations - Depending on sock combination, The Oxford typically runs about a size large. Someone wearing a size 11.0 will typically wear a size 10.0 in this shoe. If you prefer to wear a heavy sock, ordering down a have size, so 10.5 in this example would probably work well. 

Fit Guidance

Sizing Confirmation - Please refer to the Limmer Sizing Guide and share your feet measurements (from the back of your heel to the longest toe) in the sizing comments. We call every customer to confirm your sizing prior to shipping your Limmers.

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