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The Limmer you know, is the Limmer that is here to stay

The intent of this blog is to focus on the 2 things that are most important to Limmer, the special family of Limmer customers, their stories about their boots, and the people and places experienced in them. And also, to share stories about the incredible Limmer history and Limmer family with the special reverence that they deserve.  

As we begin to share those stories, we are humbled to begin by sharing a recent Outside Business Journal with you, not to bring attention to any individual, but to bring attention to Limmer’s rich history and our 100% commitment to keep the boots exactly the same for Limmer customers during a time of very intentional transition that we have worked very closely with Peter and Karl Limmer on over the past several years. 

If you read the article, we hope you will consider keeping up date by giving @outsidebusinessjournal a follow. OBJ is a critical resource for the @outdoorindustry and has been supporting both outdoor retailers and companies like Limmer for many years!

As you will read, Kristin Hostetter, Editor in Chief at OBJ, is the person who wrote the February 2000 Backpacker Magazine article about the Limmer Lightweight titled, “A Close-To-Perfect Boot.” We are grateful to the OBJ team and Kristin for their support, and to Eric Smith for taking the time and care to blend the Limmer story together in such a thoughtful way.

It is important to share this update, but more important for you to know that we will continue to treat every aspect of Limmer with the reverence it deserves. You, the Limmer family, can expect the exact same highest quality materials, detailed craftsmanship, and long lasting boots that customers have enjoyed and deserved for over 100 years.

We would like to thank Bryan Hayek for his detailed work and focus on helping us bring the new website to life, and to both Ryan Smith with Rooted In Light Media and Steven Reinhold with Appalachian Adventure Company for their beautiful photography work.

Moving forward, you should expect to read special stories about the special people who wear Limmer boots and the incredible history of the Limmer family. Peter Limmer Sr. started something special. For anyone who has ever laced up a pair of Limmer boots, we hope you will find comfort in knowing that the Limmer you know, is the Limmer that is here to stay.

Best Regards to All,

Adam and Chris

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