New Peter Limmer & Sons and Limmer Boots Website!

New Peter Limmer & Sons and Limmer Boots Website!

Posted by Chris Sawyer on

New Limmer Logos

Thanks so much for your interest in our new website!  

After several years of having separate websites to showcase our custom and stock boots, we at Peter Limmer & Sons and Limmer Boot Company are excited to share our new website with you.

Peter Limmer & Sons will continue to provide in-person services for our world famous custom boots, USA-made off-the-shelf boots, and repair services at our Intervale, New Hampshire location. On the new website, you will be able to reserve your place in line on “the backlog” (our waitlist for custom hiking boots, which is typically around two years), and learn about our off-the-shelf boots and repair services. 

Limmer Boot Company will continue to provide online and mail order purchases for customers who are interested in Limmer designed boots, without the wait. The mail order boots are crafted to Limmer specifications by Meindl, our partners in Bavaria. The Limmer and Meindl families have been friends for over 100 years, business partners for 70, and Meindl has been making our stock boots for over 50 years. 

At Limmer, we believe in the power of growing community and relationships in the outdoors, and know that the moments of introspection and self-reliance learned there can transform any individual.

We are excited for you to give Limmer boots a try, and hope that you are transformed by the people and places that you experience in them.

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  • Great new website! I took the plunge two years ago and got on “the list”! So glad I did. You guys are, right now, making my boots. I absolutely cannot wait – I’ve only been waiting for oh, 30 years for a pair of Limmers. Here’s hoping for a long and prosperous endeavor for you and for all of us!

    Rick on
  • I can’t say enough about the quality of Limmer boots and shoes. Simply put, they are a joy to wear and once properly broken in will serve you beyond expectation. I purchased my first pair, the Midweight boot produced in Bavaria, around 2005. Although the boots have many miles behind them, they are still much like new. They are dear friends of my feet. I recently purchased a new pair of Oxfords also produced in Bavaria and they have quickly become my go-to shoe. Simply fantastic! I am thrilled to see the new website!! I trust it will introduce the Limmer line of boots and shoes to folk for years to come. What a fitting evolution and testament to the outstanding personal service and marketing of this exceptional line of footwear. If I ever make it to the White Mountains, I will surely stop by Peter Limmer & Sons, likely to walk out with another new pair. “Quality isn’t expensive…. It’s priceless.”

    Greensboro, NC

    David Petree on

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